Thinks 124

How Do You Define A Thought Leader?: by Ryan Phelan.”You can call yourself an evangelist. That can even be the title your company gives you. But your community appoints you a thought leader for your ability and willingness to share and give back.”

Prospectus On Próspera: from Astral Codex Ten. A look at Próspera, the charter city taking shape in Honduras. “this is about startup governments and investment opportunities and blah blah blah, but it’s also about trying to fight global poverty by radically changing the rules of the game that makes it possible.”

Rise of risk capital: from Business Standard. “The flow of PE/VC funding is bridging the crucial risk capital gap in India, which has allowed some of the firms to grow rapidly. It is also the biggest source of foreign direct investment. Savings in India are not sufficient to fund the investment needs of the economy. Besides, the allocation of household financial savings towards equity is negligible. Many of the new businesses would not have grown the way they have without the support of foreign risk capital. Thus, it is important for policymakers to constantly assess the business environment and improve the ease of doing business.

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