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Why Don’t Low-Income Countries Adopt More Productive Technologies?: from researchers at UCLA, the Richmond Fed and Washington University in St. Louis. “By integrating theories that separately emphasize the roles of coordination failures and distortions, their unified framework shows that reducing distortions within “big push” regions could unleash massive economic growth.”

Industrial Policy is a Very Old, New Idea: from Discourse. “It has a long history of disappointments and failures, but that’s not stopping many policymakers from proposing it again…Governments are gambling with taxpayer dollars and making a lot of manifestly bad bets on risky ventures. These bets look even worse when we consider the empirically supported alternative: generalized economic freedom.

Warren Buffett: “Look for 3 things in a person. Intelligence, Energy, & Integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.”

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