Microns and Brands: Made for Each Other (Part 9)

Brand Connection

This can be triggered post-purchase (direct) or through a brand requiring a registration for tips and offers. This can be particularly helpful in cases where the user is not directly known to a brand – for example, a purchase was done via a marketplace.

Instant Pot Purchase
#1 Getting started (assembly) / care instructions
#2 Simple recipes (under say 3 categories to get started)
#3 Connecting to community
#4 Planning a 30-minute dinner/ lunch – guidance
#5 Accessories that could be helpful
#6 Common mistakes and how to avoid them (if applicable)
#7 FAQ
#8 Seasonal recipes – festival, spring/summer/winter veggies, or just special

Cadbury / Nestle / Amul
#1 New launches/gift packs one may like
#2 Festival/occasion-triggered offers/ emails
#3 Fun things to do with chocolate
#4 Showcase innovations like chocolate with your “name” on it
#5 Community/ public service messages (if applicable) – for instance, the Diwali location-enabled ad done by Cadbury to promote local shops
#6 Chocolate gift ideas
#7 Ads across the years (things like this will work for brands that have been with us for long)
#8 Amul could send the cartoon of the week (even collections, or this day that year)
#9 History of chocolate, that item or the brand
#10 Chocolates from around the world / types of ‘condensed milk’ – sweetened, evaporated, dulce leche, and so on

Pharmacy / Medicines
#1 If a long-term course (like for blood pressure), offer monthly subscription
#2 Tips to reduce the medical condition
#3 Lifestyle/health tips
#4 Stories of people who have improved health
#5 Live connect with experts

#1 Fun ways to serve cereal (other than traditional)
#2 Fun combinations (with other products from same brand or outside)
#3 New launches
#4 Small puzzles/ activities for children or even adults
#5 Healthy eating tips
#6 Best with waste – example the boxes

Huggies / Pampers
#1 Invite to subscribe packs to save money
#2 Tips to prevent diaper rash, etc.
#3 Prompts as necessary to change diaper size, renew subscription
#4 Toilet training tips (though counter-intuitive)
#5 Other related products that could be helpful
#6 Connecting with mommy community
#7 Parenting tips/ curated emails

Children’s Books
#1 Books by children’s age group
#2 Books by interest/learning level
#3 Links/pointers to YouTube/ Spotify – with video/ audio book reading
#4 Other launches related to books – worksheets, puzzles, toys(?)
#5 Recommendations from other parents (could also go cross-brand)
#6 Pointers to book reading/ other related online/ offline brand events
#7 Tips to help children read, play, interact, etc.

Hopefully, these ideas give an idea of the innovative uses of microns. A subscription is linked with a moment – a trigger (interest, purchase) and can either be a short series or a much longer sequence. The idea (from a brand’s perspective) is a forever relationship – something new every day which becomes a habit for the recipient, leading to better brand recall and hopefully more purchases over time.

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Rajesh Jain

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