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A bright future for the world of work: An Economist special report. “Focusing on the 37 countries that are members of the OECD club of mostly rich countries, it argues that popular perceptions about the world of work are largely misleading. The labour market before covid-19 was far from perfect, but it was better than many critics were claiming—and it was getting better still. The pandemic has been a catastrophe for many, as this report will describe in detail. But its lasting legacy may be a better world of work, as it speeds changes that were already under way and highlights those places where further improvement is needed.”

More city for the buck: 15th Finance Commission support for urban local governments must deliver better, by giving them more autonomy: by Pushpa Pathak. The need for more devolution – the principle of subsidiarity.

What a Tiny Masterpiece Reveals About Power and Beauty: from the New York Times.”Shah Jahan commissioned this one right around the time he took the throne, at 36. It was painted by an artist called Chitarman…[in 1627-28].” Absolutely amazing visualisations.

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