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A Sixty-Year-Old Tool to Assess Capital Allocation Decisions: from BloombergQuint (Marcellus View). “The Ansoff Matrix helps to think of the sources of growth as coming either from new products or from new markets…Once growth opportunities are fully exploited in the core business, the natural progression for a company is to either take its products into newer markets (new customers) or expand its product portfolio while continuing to operate in the same market. This should be followed by achieving dominance in the new markets or new products, and so on and so forth.”

How to Answer the ‘Trap Question’: by Andy Kessler. “A business’s purpose is to increase profits? Change that to ‘find profitable solutions.’”

Donald Boudreaux: “A government that acts without rules, that consistently changes course in favor of exercising ever-more and longer-lasting power, and that now refuses to publicly state guidelines for ending its unprecedented assault on ordinary human liberties is tyrannical. I don’t see how this word fails to accurately describe today’s British government – as well as many other governments across the globe. All tyrants claim that their harsh exercise of arbitrary power is necessary to protect the people from terrible evil. Some tyrants, I’m sure, even make these claims sincerely. Further, all tyrants’ claims to rule in the interest of The People are widely believed by The People. Tyrants who are popularly understood to be tyrants never actually become tyrants because their support remains too narrow. In short, most victims of tyranny never recognize their fate until it’s too late.”

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