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The Man Who Made Online College Work: from WSJ. “Years before Covid, Zvi Galil launched Georgia Tech’s successful online master’s in computer science…What the Georgia Tech “experiment” has taught us, Mr. Galil says, is that there is “a very high, maybe even huge unmet demand for higher education right now” from people who haven’t been part of the traditional pool for campus recruitment. “These are working people, often without the ability to pay high fees, living sometimes a long way from any college.” Universities will find ways to address their needs, mostly through online instruction. But Mr. Galil believes there will always be a place for campus-based colleges.”

The passion economy and the Web’s hot new business model: by Jaspreet Bindra. “This concept, of enabling people with an online following to make money from sales, was initially popularized in China. Then came Twitch, which did this in gaming; Patreon, which enabled crowdfunding for artists; and then Substack, which helps writers monetize their blogs. The pioneer, though, was perhaps YouTube, with kids in the US three times more likely to want to become YouTubers than astronauts.”

How Pandemics Change the Course of History: from Bloomberg. “A look at centuries of scourges shows the unpredictable impacts that often take years to reveal themselves.

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