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Andrew Wilkinson Twitter thread:”This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid. Ten. Million. Dollars. Literally up in smoke. Money bonfire. That’s enough to retire with $250,000+ in annual income. Here’s what happened…”

Ariyh: An excellent Substack on marketing tips based on research.

The Ordoliberal Quest for a Privilege-Free Order: “The ordoliberal concept of the competitive order contains insights on two levels: the economic and the political. In the economy, competition must be unleashed, following Böhm’s motto that “competition as the most ingenious disempowerment instrument in history.”..In the political order, the goal was to find governance forms which would prohibit the 1920s from happening again, especially the fierce competition for rents by special interests. The key ordoliberal notion of policy is captured in the difficult-to-translate term “Ordnungspolitik,” which bases legislation as often as possible on general rules and as seldom as possible on privilege and discrimination.”


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