Microns and Brands: Made for Each Other (Part 5)

Microns for Purchase – 1

What microns can do is to convert moments into relationships. We all go through the moments where we find something interesting – an article we have read, a product we have searched for, a podcast we heard, a movie reco we saw, an interesting person we came across. These fleeting moments come – and go. Now imagine, if some of these moments can lead to (with our permission) a series of microns which serve as reminders over the next few hours or days. Let’s take an example.

I just heard a reference to “Humankind” by Rutger Bregman on BBC radio programme. In the ordinary course, I would go to Amazon, check the book page and then perhaps add it to cart or save it for a possible later purchase. If I do not buy it in the next few days, Amazon will send me an email with a reminder to complete the transaction. These emails serve little purpose other than telling me the state of my shopping cart.

Instead, imagine if I got a series of 5 microns each with a short excerpt from the book for the next few days. Something along the following lines:

Day 1: What others are saying about the book (some of the blurbs)

  • ‘An extraordinarily powerful declaration of faith in the innate goodness and natural decency of human beings. Never dewy-eyed, wistful or naive, Rutger Bregman makes a wholly robust and convincing case for believing – despite so much apparent evidence to the contrary – that we are not the savage, irredeemably greedy, violent and rapacious species we can be led into thinking ourselves to be’ Stephen Fry
  • ‘This book demolishes the cynical view that humans are inherently nasty and selfish, and paints a portrait of human nature that’s not only more uplifting – it’s also more accurate. Rutger Bregman is one of the most provocative thinkers of our time’ Adam Grant, author of Give and Take

Day 2: The Table of Contents, to remind me what the book is about

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