Microns and Brands: Made for Each Other (Part 4)

Moments 4-6

Fourth, microns offer a great way to connect with anonymous visitors on a website or the mobile app. If they can be offered an email opt-in to a short series of quality content when they either visit the site for the first time (or on exit), or install an app, the likelihood is they may accept – giving brands an opening. A finance site could send a 30-day sequence of microns on the basics of investing, a news site could offer to send a 7-day sequence of a backgrounder to the current big story. The key is to not jump into sending promotional content but work to build the brand one day at a time with the hope that it can grow into a long-lasting relationship.

Fifth (and connected with the previous idea) is the long tail of customers that brands have. They are not the Best Customers – the top 20% who account for 60-80% of the revenue and an even higher share of the profits. The Rest Customers are not yet loyal, but it is important to engage with them – some among them can be tomorrow’s Best Customers. The aim should be to build a connect with them with daily exposure to the brand by offering them something useful to foster an emotional bond.

Finally, target the inactive email database. These are subscribers (who may or may not be customers) who opted in to receive emails at some point of time but are no longer engaged with the promotional emails being sent to them. They could be ‘woken up’ with microns that have useful information so they start re-engaging with the brand. For example, I may have bought a product once from a beauty portal, but am now interested in buying. The portal could send microns with beauty tips to customers like me – so I start opening the emails, rather than ignoring them. If I can open three days in a row, it will become habit and the brand relationship comes alive. Once I become active, then on occasional promotional email could perhaps entice me to do the next transaction.

I have outlined six ‘micron moments’ – which add value to both the brand and the consumer. These are opportunities that brands are losing out on. The reasons could be many – what microns do is eliminate the cost angle as an obstacle to making the communication angle. Any brand – small or big – can use the bring microns into their customers lives and thus strengthen their brand recognition.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.