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A Private Tech City Opens for Business in Honduras: from Bloomberg. “Próspera is the first project to gain approval from Honduras to start a privately governed charter city, under a national program started in 2013. It has its own constitution of sorts and a 3,500-page legal code with frameworks for political representation and the resolution of legal disputes, as well as minimum wage (higher than Honduras’s) and income taxes (lower in most cases). After nearly half a decade of development, the settlement will announce next week that it will begin considering applications from potential residents this summer. The first colonists will be e-residents.”

Rathin Roy: “Putting India back on the growth track demands a robust analytical framework to address the structural downturn in the economy caused by Covid-19.”

James Otteson: “An objective look at the limitation of our knowledge – how difficult is it to know whether we are making good decisions even in our own lives, let alone in those of anyone else? – reveals that in fact we are typically in no position to judge what is good for others. We do not possess the detailed, personal, contextualized, historical information that is required to know what constitute good choices for others….” [via CafeHayek]

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