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Morgan Housel: “You are one person in a game with seven billion other people and infinite moving parts. The accidental impact of actions outside of your control can be more consequential than the ones you consciously take.” [via Yuvaraj]

An Introduction to Entrepreneurship: a free book by Eamonn Butler (IEA of UK). “This is not a management book about how to make your – self a successful entrepreneur. It is a basic introduction to what entrepreneurship is, why we need it, and how we can encourage it.”

The State of the Libertarian Movement after 50 Years (1970-2020): by David Hart. “The year 2020 has turned out to be a watershed year in the struggle for liberty. Little did we expect that a corona virus (remember when they called it the “novel” corona virus which meant it was merely the latest of several such viruses we have encountered?) would turn the tables against liberty and the liberty movement so suddenly, so completely, and with so little resistance on the part of the public.”

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