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India Should Embrace Not Ban Crypto: by Alex Tabarrok. “The irony is that India has one of the world’s most advanced identity and payments systems, the India stack. By integrating the India stack with crypto systems regulated similarly to foreign currencies under India’s Foreign Exchange Management Act, India could become a leader in fintech.”

Speeding up Justice in India: by Swaminathan Aiyar. “The 2019 Economic Survey emphasised that judicial speed was needed not just for justice but enforcement of contracts, without which a market system cannot flourish. It estimated that adding just 2,279 judges in the lower courts, 93 in high courts and one in the Supreme Court would suffice for a 100% case clearance rate. Has this been done? Alas no.”

James Otteson: “The story of increasing worldwide wealth over the last two centuries has resulted from allowing ever more people to engage in mutually voluntary and mutually beneficial transactions without third-party interposition.” [via CafeHayek]

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