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Bright side of the moonshots: From The Economist. “Covid-19 has brought together biomedical technologies that will transform human health…The basis of all this is the application of genetics to medicine in a systematic and transformative way—not just in understanding the pathology of diseases but in tracking their spread and curing and preventing them. This approach could underpin what is becoming known as “natural security”—the task of making societies resilient in the face of risks stemming from their connection to the living world.” More on the power of RNA therapies.

An economist’s tips on making email work for you: by Tim Harford. “Clarify and decide. A hundred emails a day is a lot if you leave half of them sitting in your inbox. Keep that up and in a month you’ll have 1,500. Give it a year and you’ll be begging to be allowed to declare email bankruptcy, post the keys through the letterbox and walk away. The solution is to be sharper about your decisions. If no action is needed then delete or archive. Most archived email is easy to find again. If action is needed, and it is brief and obvious, do it immediately.”

Reading: The CEO Test.

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