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Rajan Anandan (Sequoia): “If you go back to 2015, there were 200-250 million internet users, monetization was virtually non-existent. Today, we have close to 600 million monthly active users, monetization is probably 10 times better than it was five years ago. In 2010, India had zero unicorns. In 2015, which was the last time everyone was saying ‘valuations are high’ and ‘there is too much capital’, there were four unicorns. At the end of 2020, we have 37 unicorns…In 2020, you have 580 million monthly active users (MAU), 400 million daily users on 4G networks.” (ET)

Dan Shipper, the Sultan of Superorganizers. “I’m the co-founder and CEO of Every, which is a bundle of business-focused newsletters that we started in late 2019. As part of that bundle, I write this newsletter, Superorganizers, where the goal is to interview the smartest people in the world about how they organize themselves to do their best work. ”

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