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Why Opposition must not only oppose: by Ruchi Gupta. “The Opposition needs to find ways of making politics a site for community, an avenue for public service and a source of intellectual stimulation. The role of the Opposition in a representative democracy is to provide an alternative, not just to oppose. This requires serious deliberation to come up with an agenda and political programmes which can meld people’s identity and aspirations with their grievances. Traditionally, civil society has played a role in generating ideas, which were adopted by political parties but civil society too has boxed itself in the “resistance with capital R” box and is unable to move beyond rhetoric and protest.”

The 5 Purchases Every Entrepreneur Should Make: by Jodie Cook. “The products in your life directly affect how you present yourself and spend your time. Making purchases that result in you doing better work, reaching more people and being propelled faster into greatness can result in happiness, prosperity and wellbeing.”

How to Think Like a Successful Entrepreneur: by Per Bylund. “Successful entrepreneurs think about their business in value terms, and they recognize that they do not themselves determine the value of their offering — the consumer of the final good does.” [via Atanu]

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