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Morgan Housel on Investing: “Investing is a broader field than it looks, and there is so much to learn about it outside of the narrow lens of finance…There’s a graveyard of companies and investors who tried to grow too fast, attempting to reap a decade’s worth of rewards in a year or less, learning the hard way that capitalism doesn’t like it when you try to use a cheat code.”

Alex Nowrasteh: “Humans, as economist Julian Simon long argued, are the ultimate resource. It is human creativity that turns nature into natural resources and raw materials into valuable capital and new technologies. Unfortunately, much of humanity, by accident of birth, lives in countries where human creativity is constrained. Though not the only reason for low productivity, lousy governance is often what prevents humans from making the most of their creativity and potential.” [Via CafeHayek.]

Atanu Dey: “A country deserves the government it gets. A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves. That’s so in some cases. In other cases, a nation of immoral citizens begets a government of the most vicious thieves and crooks. It’s a kakistocracy...Indians of today are as tolerant of the oppression they suffer as their forebears were of the oppression of the British they suffered in turn. It is British Raj 2.0. The skin color of the rulers have changed but not the basic nature of the master-slave relationship.

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