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On Opinion Polls: by Atanu Biswas. “Opinion polls often suffer from serious ‘non-response error’. Many people may be sceptical of polls, especially when their opinions are in the voter’s ‘wrong’ direction. In the US, response rates to telephone public opinion polls conducted by Pew Research Center have exhibited steady decline — a 9% response rate in 2016 to 6% in 2018, to 5% or less today. Poll predictions are bound to ignore the views of the remaining non-responsive 95%, while the respondents may not be a representative sample at all. And there is no guarantee that some respondents aren’t lying.”

Revealing the Real Picture Behind India’s Unemployment Problem: by Vivek Kaul.

How to speak in public: from Psyche Guides. “Think about the audience, think about why you’re talking, think about your audience’s happiness, practise.”

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