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21st-century consumers will change capitalism for the better: from The Economist. A special report on the future of shopping. “More accurate and voluminous data about shopping patterns are breaking down the decades-long relationship between mass consumption and mass production. In its place is a more varied world in which the shopper can decide whether to buy online or in store, whether to shop via platforms or from individual brands, and whether to accept targeted ads or not. The store will not die, but producers and consumers will have a more direct relationship with each other.”

Bangladesh at 50: by (NYT). “Bangladesh may have once epitomized hopelessness, but it now has much to teach the world about how to engineer progress. What was Bangladesh’s secret? It was education and girls.”

The Lockdowns Weren’t Worth It: by Philippe Lemoine (WSJ). “There’s a reason no government has done a cost-benefit analysis: The policy would surely fail.”

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