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Inside Asia’s booming online learning industry: “Investors have poured billions of dollars into digital education platforms like Byju’s and Yuanfudao. But are students learning anything?”

Atanu Dey on what economists do: “Economics is “the science of human action based on deductive logic.” It is “not about the amassing of data, but rather about the verbal elucidation of universal facts (for example, wants are unlimited, means are scarce) and their logical implications.”..Economics is the study of how people and society end up choosing, with or without the use of money, to employ scarce productive resources that could have alternative uses–to produce various commodities and distribute them for consumption, now or in the future, among various persons and groups in society. Economics analyzes the costs and the benefits of improving patterns of resource use.”

Markus Academy: An online venue for economists to swap ideas.

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