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Tyler Cowen in conversation with Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase. “One of the brilliant things that’s been created in crypto is this idea of a smart contract. Instead of using lawyers to write on a piece of paper a contract between people, you can essentially codify these principles in software in code and run it on a global, decentralized blockchain, which is something that Ethereum allowed us to do, this idea of a smart contract.”

The Secret Life of a Coronavirus: from NYT. “An oily, 100-nanometer-wide bubble of genes has killed more than two million people and reshaped the world. Scientists don’t quite know what to make of it.”

Mark Skousen on Carl Menger: “He and his followers  enhanced Adam Smith’s positive vision of the capitalist system. In many ways, Menger was a revolutionary discoverer of both macroeconomics (through his time structure of production) and microeconomics (subjective demand and marginal analysis).He was the first economist to get it right on both counts, micro and macro. Therefore, I conclude that Carl Menger deserves to be honored as the greatest economist who ever lived.”

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