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Organise, not just mobilise: Advice for India’s Opposition by Ruchi Gupta. “In a democracy, political power comes not from sporadic protests but from the ability to act in concert at important junctures. This is possible only through organisation. There are many instinctively liberal people who need a platform but may not be comfortable with protests. We need to give them accessible non-confrontational ways to participate. This is possible only if the Opposition — civil society and political — first hammers out an agenda around which different sections of the society can coalesce and develops programmes to enable volunteerism and mobilisation for organisation at the local level.” Useful in the context of United Voters of India (UVI).

An urgent need to reform the country’s legislative processes: by Shruti Rajagopalan.Agriculture needs to be reformed, but that trap cannot be wished away or solved through protests. It needs deliberation, perhaps even reforms in other areas like land policy. We cannot build a consensus through protests any better than we can through a dysfunctional parliament and assemblies…To continue with reforms and heal as a society that aims for consensus, India must reform its legislative processes.”

How to Make Your iPad More Like a Laptop: WSJ. “Get a mouse and keyboard, use an external display, get to know the Files app.”



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