Thinks 51

All Stories Are Wrong, but Some Are Useful: by Neil Kakkar. “Stories, not people, rule our world. We’re always telling ourselves a story about how the world works, and this makes stories very powerful.”

Best Stories Win: by Morgan Housel. “A truth that applies to many fields, which can frustrate some as much as it energizes others, is that the person who tells the most compelling story wins. Not who has the best idea, or the right answer. Just whoever tells a story that catches people’s attention and gets them to nod their heads.”

Adopt a short story a day: by Vinita Dawra Nangia. “Short stories convey unforgettable life lessons very effectively, focused and succinct as they are. At a time when we struggle with short attention spans and limited time, what better than a short piece of fiction? If well-written by a master storyteller, most short stories leave you thinking, with vignettes lingering in your mind and imagination for days after you finish one.”

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Rajesh Jain

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