India Awaits its Washington (Part 4)

The Indian Revolution

Over the past six months, I have written what can be thought of as the Revolution series.

I do not use the word “Revolution” lightly. It is exactly what India needs. A revolution results in a new political and economic system. We need both. We need a revolution to give ourselves freedom and prosperity. We need to take power away from Them – because They are simply the new Governor Generals of India. The British never gave Americans their freedom. The Indian Britishers will never do so either. That is why Revolution. Changing rulers by voting for a different symbol is not revolution.

We need to imagine a new India, a free India. An India where for one generation we set aside all that divides us to create prosperity for ourselves. An India where we trust ourselves and each other more than we trust government. An India where we do not self-censor what we speak, write and think. An India where They become our agents and not our masters. An India where Their power is limited and our freedom is not. An India which we can bequeath to our children pride and not a passport to a foreign land. An India where our surnames do not determine our admissions, jobs and benefits. An India where our farmers are freed to set up factories. An India where our entrepreneurs do not have to flip their startups to foreign lands. An India where proximity to Them does not determine business success. An India where we celebrate Lakshmi and bring her into every one of our homes.

How do we make this India a reality? How do we make a people believe they are free and understand what freedom really means? How can we muster the courage to rise against Them who control the levers of power to crush all dissent? The How is not easy or obvious. And yet, we must. Some amongst us have to rise. India doesn’t need another Father, what it needs is a Founder – one who can truly set us free. This is the Washington India awaits.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.