India Awaits its Washington (Part 3)

Who Will Free Us?

A nation once rose as one to fight those who ruled from afar. It was a nation born out of revolution. It declared Independence and crafted a country forged in liberty, filled with optimism. It created a Constitution that put constraints on those in government and not the people. It believed that prosperity came as a consequence of free people being left to trade on their own. It limited government and not the ingenuity of the people. It was an experiment at that time – unlike anything the world had seen.

That nation was America. Its founding fathers – led by George Washington, and ably supported by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others – created a land of hope, a people who were truly free. Liberty meant something. They wrote new rules for their young nation that laid the foundation for the greatest prosperity machine the world has ever seen.

Amongst all of America’s leaders, Washington stands tall. As the first President, he safeguarded the Constitution. He fought for freedom and ensured it survived against all odds. The team he picked, the decisions he made — they made America. He made America.

India is at a similar moment in its history. The people need to first recognise that just a Constitution and democracy are no guarantors of freedom. If the people were not free before August 15, 1947, they surely cannot be considered free after that – because the rules have not changed. We can change the symbols of the political parties we vote for but that does not bring us any closer to freedom. Only when we the people realise that we are not free will anything change in India. They – the rulers – are a continuation of the long line of conquerors who have enslaved us. We have never really experienced freedom in India. August 15, 1947 is a date that has been used to continue the domination of few over many, of Them over us.

What we need is the Indian Revolution – a change in the political and economic system. India awaits its Washington, a leader who can truly lead the charge for liberty and lay the foundation for a free and prosperous India. Every past leader we trusted has chipped away at our freedom. They all had the opportunity to set free the people, but They did not. None of Them ever will. They benefit from the absoluteness of power to command and control a billion people.

We need a Washington who can make the Indian Revolution happen so we can truly experience not a mirage but the miracle of freedom, so we can live not under the law of the ruler but under a rule of law, so we do not plan poverty but perpetuate prosperity. When will India get its Washington? Who will free us and create a new united nation of Indians?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.