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The Brooklyn Investor: “People constantly worry about 20-30% corrections. I don’t worry about those at all, and I assume we will have a lot of those over even the next 3-5 years. I don’t care about things like that too much. In fact, I don’t even worry too much about a 1999-like bubble, because if you look back, if you owned solid, decent stocks and held on through it, you would have been fine. I expect the same going forward…For me, I would only worry about a situation like 1989 Japan where things were so expensive that it might take years to work off the valuation, but even then, as I said, I would focus company by company and not worry too much about the overall market.”

Email Marketing Memories: Loren McDonald’s 17 memories over 20 years.

Newsletters of the past: From The Economist’s 1843. “The ancestors of today’s inbox epistles were the handwritten “letters of news” that circulated in England in the 17th century…Some 400 years after Pory and Rossingham, the internet has offered a new way for individuals writing letters of news to connect with audiences directly. Like their 17th-century precursors, these missives have the personal tone of a note from a trusted and well-informed friend. The newest business model in journalism, it turns out, is also the oldest.”

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