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It’s time for India to give Indians the stage and step out of the way: Anantha Nageswaran. “Over the decades, Indian bureaucracy—Union, states and local—has honed its skills in tying the rest of the country down in non-productive endeavours into a fine art that very few countries can match…India’s regulatory, compliance and inspection frameworks are similar to an auto-immune disease that makes the human body’s defence system turn on the body instead of protecting it.”

Amish Tripathi and Bhavna Roy on their new book on Dharma: “One of the key things to realise with dharma is that the very concept is beyond religion. Dharma is also erroneously translated as religion in India. At the root of the word, dharma, is a Sanskrit root, dhri, which means to bind…For our ancestors philosophy was essentially learning how to live your life. It is a critical skill that sadly most of us don’t have these days.”

Watched: The White Tiger. Quite well made.

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