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Anticipating the Unintended: Radically Networked Societies (RNS) meet Capital Markets, knocking the experts off their pedestal, the crowd is right, it is personal. “The GameStop phenomenon is just the beginning. It is like the Arab Spring of 2011 engineered on Twitter. Today it seems like a moment when the little guys took on the big, brutish establishment and won. This victory, like that of the Arab Spring, will be pyrrhic. The genie that escaped from that movement has been hard to put back into the bottle. The markets will now have to contend with the genie. It is out.”

Aswath Damodaran on the Gamestop saga: Great read. “The story resonates because it has all of the elements of a David versus Goliath battle, and given the low esteem that many hold Wall Street in, it has led to sideline cheerleading.”

Amber Petrovich: Why we cannot and will not stop with GameStop. “I hope my fellow retail investors will make GameStop just the start — and use our newfound power to help companies and corporate leaders find a conscience. Eventually, they’ll start listening and understanding that putting their communities and their employees first can improve business and still benefit shareholders.”

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