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Kunal Shah (Cred) on Indian startups: “Unfortunately, they’re just being stupid about it. They’re trying to go for 100 million customers when they don’t have the money to afford the basics. India has approximately $2,000 per capita income. If you remove the top 25 million families, that would drop to less than $800 per capita, which is 50,000 rupees a year [683 dollars]. What do you think people can buy with that? So why is no one building for the 25 million? Everybody is building for the 100 million who have no money.”

Conlangs: A term denoting a language whose vocabulary, grammar and phonology have been consciously devised rather than developing organically.  The father of conlangs is indisputably J.R.R. Tolkien, a prominent linguist who drew from Finnish, Welsh and Ancient Greek to craft 15 languages for The Lord of the Rings, including Elvish, Dwarvish and the Black Speech of Sauron. From here, all other conlangs flowed: the Na’vi language in Avatar, Parseltongue in Harry Potter, Dothraki and High Valyrian in Game of Thrones.

The Invitation by By Oriah Mountain Dreame. “I want to know / if you can be alone / with yourself / and if you truly like / the company you keep / in the empty moments.”

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