Conversation with Ashraf Engineer

I did a podcast recently with Ashraf Engineer (All Indians Matter) on the need for new economic and political thinking in India.

The introduction from Ashraf: “If ever there was a time for bold, break-out economic and political thinking, it is now. Our economy was tanking even before the pandemic and there is widespread social unrest. Time is running out for India to set itself right. Rajesh Jain was one of India’s earliest internet pioneers and played a role in getting Narendra Modi elected in 2014. Later, he got disillusioned with the Modi government and is today highly critical of it. On the latest episode of the All Indians Matter podcast, he talks about how the government creates barriers for prosperity, the need to return public wealth to the people, why innovative economic and political approaches are desperately needed today and his own journey as a ‘political entrepreneur’.”

You can also listen to it on Apple, Google, Spotify and Saavn.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.