The Revolution India Needs (Part 7)

British Raj 2.0

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” ― Emma Goldman

Before we discuss how, when and where Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar can arrive, we need to first understand how we reached our present state in India where the evils of the political party system and the mai baap sarkar have divided a once united nation, impoverished a once rich people, and weakened the borders of a once mighty power.

After the British left in 1947, another evil force took over that has continuously weakened us – Indian politicians. And today, we are faced with the greatest crisis in the past many generations: a pandemic that has overturned daily life, policies that have displaced people and hurt livelihoods and a polity that has bowed down to the enemy at our door. None of this was created overnight. It was reinforced by every government – that we voted for. It was done in front of our eyes – because we refused to see the obvious. It was done with our tacit consent – for we stayed silent.

Our politicians have all felt blessed by the modern day boon that had once been bestowed on  Hiranyakashipu: “No leader, male or female, young or old, from centre or the states, from this party or that, can defeat you.” Thus emboldened, every political leader has gone on a destructive rampage that has left Indians poor, weak and helpless. Just like what the Asuras once did. Just like what the Mughals and British once did. Just because the present day rulers share our skin colour and win our votes does not make it right. Without freedom, equality and justice, there can be no prosperity. What we have instead is perpetually planned poverty.

It is important to understand how the political system in India really works, and how the leaders of the political parties have concentrated power with themselves reducing all the elected representatives to rubberstamps. The will of the people has been completely subverted. The citizen of India, the voter, the “We” of the Constitution Preamble – silenced, suppressed, subjugated.

Tomorrow: Part 8

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.